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9th May 04 - It has just been accounced that the Jeanie Johnston will sail again to the US in 2004. Please read the Press Release from the Jeanie Johnston Company. We await publication of the 2004 itinerary, expected by the end of May, which will be posted here as soon as it becomes available.

12th February 04 - We still await news of Jeanie's future, but in the meantime the project managers are asking interested individuals or groups to contact them about future sail training opportunities aboard the Jeanie Johnston. Please send an e-mail to the office, or ring (00 353) 66 7129999.

10th January 04 - New Year's Greetings from County Kerry! We wish you a peaceful and healthy 2004. Please download your free 2004 pictorial calendar with our compliments.

Jeanie sails to Cork for routine maintenance this weekend, which is expected to take about 2 weeks. The ship's future is still unclear, we await an announcement about her new ownership in the near future. As soon as any official information is released, it will be posted here!

1st December 03 - Jeanie has sailed from Fenit in Co. Kerry to spend the Christmas period in Dublin City, where she will be open to visitors until early January. Please see the details on the right.

Tom Kindre's book - the background to the JJ project and the trans-Atlantic voyage - will make a thoughtful Christmas gift for those who have followed the Jeanie's fortunes. A Voyage Against All Odds is available to order onine direct from the publishers.

13th November 03 - Please note the revised visiting dates for the Jeanie whilst docked at Fenit, posted in the sidebar on the right of the page. The Dublin dates are also posted for December and January.

Would you like to volunteer to help out on the ship during Jeanie's visit to Dublin, particularly on weekends? If so, please contact the Jeanie Johnston Office at 066 712 9999 or Ship's Captain at 087 967 9136.

10th November 03 - Jeanie will be open to visitors at Fenit Pier, Co. Kerry on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th November, also Saturday 22nd prior to sailing to Dublin for Christmas and the New Year on Sunday 23rd. Jeanie's berth in Dublin will be at Custom's House Quay and the ship will be open to visitors on Saturday and Sunday 28/29 November, then every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Friday, 28th November to Sunday 11th January excepting Friday 26th December, St. Stephen's Day.

See our photo report of the ship's return to her home port last week.

There will be a Civic Reception in Tralee for the Captain and crew of the Jeanie Johnston on 17th November, to mark the completion of the hugely successful tour of the US and Canada.

6th November 03 - The Jeanie Johnston sailed safely into her home port of Fenit, Co. Kerry at noon today, to a rousing reception from the dockside spectators. We will have a photo report posted here tomorrow.

You can listen to a special live broadcast of "Seascapes" this evening, on RTE Radio 1 at 9pm GMT (available live on the internet). This will be broadcast from Fenit boathouse where there a reception for the crew will be in full swing.

Tomorrow night, Friday 7th, you can watch footage of the video of the Ireland to US voyage made by Paul Dolan of FAS, Tralee. This will be broadcast on RTE 1 television on "Nationwide" at 7pm.

5th November 03 - Jeanie is now due to dock in Fenit on Thursday evening 6th, or Friday morning 7th November, as the weather in the Atlantic has deteriorated. Please check the project website for news of docking time as soon as it is certain.

1st November 03 - Jeanie has sailed from St. John's, Newfoundland and is crossing the Atlantic on her way home to Ireland, where she is expected to dock on Friday 7th November in her home port of Fenit, Co. Kerry.

The 2003 tour of the US and Canada has been a resounding success with an estimated 100,000 visitors touring the Jeanie over the 6 month tour. You can check the ship's daily position and read recent crew reports on the official website.

Read about the voyage from Montreal to Quebec via Grosse Ille. Listen to Seascapes, broadcast by Irish radio, about the ship's tour and voyage home.

18th October 03 - This weekend sees Jeanie docked in St. John's Newfoundland on her final port visit of the 2003 tour. The beginning of next week will be spent preparing for the trans-Atlantic voyage home to Ireland, setting out on Thursday 23rd October and reaching Ireland on Saturday 15th November. Some sail training berths are still available.

4th October 03 - Jeanie is en-route to St. John's, Newfoundland for the final port visit of her 2003 tour. The ship will arrive on Thursday 16th October and will be open to visitors 17-19.

Captain McCarthy said recently "We have had some great sailing conditions along the East Coast of the United States and Canada, mixed with a severe testing of the vessel in winds gusting up to 50 knots off the notorious Cape Hatteras, where she made in excess of 8.5 knots. She has proven herself a safe sail training ship throughout her voyages, been a great ambassador for Ireland and those of us who have had the privilege to sail aboard feel proud of the vessel."

Listen to the recent RTE national Irish radio programme, Seascapes, which included an interview with the Captain after the visit to Grosse Ille, which was a particularly emotional occasion for the crew.

26th September 03 - The Jeanie Johnston arrived in Quebec City yesterday, where the original ship was built in 1847, for a special homecoming visit. The ship will be open to visitors Friday 26th through Sunday 28th, please see the Quebec visit page for details.

Leaving Montreal earlier this week after a highly successful visit, the ship was hit with some unexpected piloting fees, read more.

19th September 03 - Jeanie is docked in Montreal this weekend and is open to visitors from Friday, 19th through Sunday 21st September. Read a local media article about the immigrant´s impact on Quebec and Canada.

The ship will then sail for Quebec City on Monday 22nd, stopping for a ceremonial visit to Grosse Isle on Wednesday 24th.

10th September 03 - Jeanie is sailing for Montreal, Quebec on a 10-day voyage. The ship was very enthusiastically received during last weekend´s visit to Miramichi.

31st August 03 - Halifax, Nova Scotia is the venue for this weekend's Canadian port visit. Check the location details and listen to local radio interview with Captain Coleman when Jeanie arrived in Halifax on Friday.

25th August 03 - Jeanie will be open for extra tours in Saint John today, from 10.30am to 4pm - the ship will not be leaving until 9pm, so an extra opportunity for visitors has been provided. Over 4,000 people have toured the ship since last Wednesday, 20th.

Carnival Victory is again berthed adjacent to Jeanie and some of her 3,300 passengers and 1,100 crew may be interested in viewing history, as well as affording locals a last chance. In contrast to Carnival Victory, Jeanie will sail to Halifax with 11 crewmen!

After leaving Saint John at 9pm tonight, Jeanie will honour Irish immigrants who either passed through or were buried on Partridge Island by dipping the Irish flag in the water as she passes the site.

23rd August 03 - News has just reached us that the sail trainees will unfortunately not be travelling from Saint John to Halifax - read the CanadaEast article. But the project managers hope that the Halifax to Miramichi sail trainees will be able to travel onboard.

If you are interested in tracing your ancestors and researching a family name, try our new searchbox which queries the database, one of the most comprehensive genealogical repositories on the net. If your search returns something interesting you can click to go to the site where you can refine your search, eg by year, then if you would like to delve further, you can do so for a small fee.

22nd August 03 - Students due to go on Jeanie as sail trainees from St. Andrews to Saint John were prevented from doing so at the last minute, by Canada travel authority, who did not consider the students proper sail trainees, but rather passengers, and the Jeanie is not licensed as passenger ship. However, the problem may be solved in time for the Saint John to Halifax voyage - read the article in today's Canada East. We have a good set of photos from both St. Andrews and Saint John, where Jeanie is presently berthed.

18th August 03 - Jeanie has left St. Andrews and is sailing for Saint John, where she will be docked 19-20 August. See the photos and read the Mayor's comments from St. Andrews, where over 2,000 people visited the ship last weekend, in a town whose population is only 1,600.

16th August 03 - Jeanie arrived in St. Andrews New Brunswick yesterday, on the first port visit of the Canadian tour. She was greeted by a flotilla of local boats and many wellwishers. Read about the entertainment and events laid on for the St. Andrews visit.

8th August 03 - Read about Jeanie's arrival in Portsmouth NH yesterday, where she will be docked until Monday 11th. Check the visit schedule. This is the ship's last port visit in the US, next week will see her sailing to St. Andrews New Brunswick, in Canada. See our photos from Boston.

28th July 03 - NEWSFLASH - Tom Kindre, the 81 year-old who crewed on Jeanie's trans-Atlantic voyage has just had his book about the project published. You can read a synopsis of the book and also order it online for delivery world-wide. Tom gave me his manuscript to read when he left on the voyage and I can tell you that it's a fascinating account of the history of the project and a very good read. If you enjoyed Tom's insightful and amusing reports from the ship, you will really enjoy this book.

27th July 03 - Listen to the Jeanie Johnston song! The Flyin' Column, from Syracuse, have written and recorded a lively song about the Jeanie, which you can download from the webpage.

25th July 03 - Soft Irish rain greeted the Jeanie Johnston when she arrived in Boston yesterday for a 12 day visit. Read the local media report on the arrival here, and another with a video clip from the ship here. If you're planning to visit Jeanie, please see our Boston visit page for details.

22nd July 03 - Jeanie is enroute to Boston MA for a 12 day visit, sailing from Rhode Island where the ship docked at Newport and Providence last week. You can read media reports about the visits here.

17th July 03 - Visitor number records were broken at Port Jefferson this week during the two-day Irish Fair on Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th, at which Jeanie Johnston was the special guest. Please see our Port Jefferson photo report and read the media article on the ship's arrival.

4th July 03 - Jeanie sailed into New York yesterday morning after a 3 day voyage from Bristol PA, where the ship's visit was a great success. See the photos from Bristol. There was an enthusiastic welcome for the ship in New York, read our photo report about the ship's arrival.

A special report about the ship's arrival to New York is to be broadcast on the "Out of Ireland" TV Program on the PBS network across the United States from Sunday, July 6

27th June 03- Jeanie Johnston arrived in Bristol PA yesterday for a 4-day port visit, where a full programme of continuous entertainment, music and craic is planned for Jeanie's visit. Read the article in the local newspaper, and another one here. You can also read an article about the Burlington visit.

24th June 03 - A three day visit to Burlingon NJ is underway after Jeanie's highly successful visit to Philadelphia. Read the arrival report and an article in the Burlington media. The ship arrived yesterday and is open to visitors until 25th. On 26th Jeanie crosses the river to Bristol where she will be docked until 30th June, before commencing the voyage to New York.

13th June 03 - Jeanie Johnston arrived in Philadelphia yesterday morning to a great reception. Read our photo report from Paul Dolan, with a video clip link from local TV station WPVI's reporter Michele McCormack. Jeanie will be at Penn's Landing until Monday 23rd June and there is plenty of entertainment scheduled - check here for details.

Details of all remaining voyages for which sail training berths are available have now been released. The list includes the return trip to Ireland in late October.

3rd June 03 - Jeanie has arrived in Baltimore, Maryland and will be docked there until 9th June. Read an account of the welcome in the local media. Details of the Jeanie's final port visits have just been released, and the ship's itinerary for her 2003 tour is now complete. Please see the full listing in the column on the right. Separate pages for each port visit will be available very soon with all details of location, opening times etc.

21 May 03 - Jeanie Johnston has left Charleston and is sailing to Washington DC on a nine day voyage. The ship will arrive on 28th May and will be open from Thurs 29th May to Sunday 1st June, departing for Baltimore on 2nd June. Please click the links for details of location, map, opening times etc.

16 May 03 - Charleston's Irish Mayor, Joseph P Riley Jnr, greeted the Jeanie Johnston yesterday on her arrival to the city. Read the article in the local press.

Jeanie will be part of the SC Maritime Festival over this coming weekend, 16-18 May. Please check out the details - there will be plenty to see and do. 06 May 03 - After a successful visit to Florida, Jeanie has now docked at River Street in Savannah, Georgia until 12th May. Read a local media report of Jeanie's arrival, and see links on the right for visit details.

23 April 03 - For information about Jeanie's next visits, look at these links for Savannah and for Charleston in May, check the Maritime Center website.

18 April 03 - Tom Kindre, whose regular posts from the ship we have all enjoyed so much, sends his final reports...

17 April 03 - The Jeanie Johnston arrived safely in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Tuesday morning, accompanied by a flotilla of small boats. Read our eyewitness report, with photos and radio interviews. More...

11 April 03 - It has been decided that Jeanie will bypass San Salvador and dock in Nassau in the Bahamas on Saturday 12th April, before sailing to Peanut Island, West Palm Beach, where the ship is expected to arrive on Tuesday 15th at around 11.30am. Tom Kindre has sent more of his insightful reports from the ship...

06 April 03 - Would you like to sail on the Jeanie between ports in the US? Opportunities for sail trainees have just been posted. If you're going to greet the ship when she docks on April 15th, check the website of Peanut Island Maritime Museum, where the ship will dock - it has useful info and location maps. Yankee Tom (there are so many Toms on the voyage they've been given nicknames) has sent more of his enjoyable reports...

31 March 03 - Latest reports from Tom Kindre tell of his climb to the very top of the ship - over 90 feet, and he's 81! We now have short video clips for you to look at, they give brief glimpses of life aboard the ship during the first leg of the voyage, from Ireland to Tenerife.

26 March 03 - Tom has sent new reports in which he compares the progress of Columbus's voyage to the Jeanie's. The ship continues to sail towards San Salvador, expecting to reach there around 11th April. Pictures from the ship have now been added to Tom's reports>>>

21 March 03 - News has just arrived of Jeanie's next port visits in the US, see the side panel to the right for cities and dates. We will have voyage pictures here during the next week. The ship has left Gomera and is heading for the US in perfect sailing weather, read the latest reports from onboard>>>

15 March 03 - The first leg of the US voyage ended with Jeanie landing at Tenerife last week. After a few day's break in the midst of a local carnival, the ship yesterday departed for the second leg, to Florida via Gomera and San Salvador (Columbus's original route). Read the most recent reports from onboard>>>

03 March 03 - Jeanie stopped off at Madeira for a few days to refuel and take on provisions and is expected to re-commence the voyage to Tenerife today. The ship and crew have faced 2 severe storms since leaving Ireland, but have also experienced some relaxation, fun and the Irish craic. More reports from the ship>>>

21 February 03 - The ship has left Irish waters and is sailing South towards Tenerife. Read the first reports from the ship by a crew member.

18 February 03 - Despite piercing south easterly gales, thousands of well-wishers turned up at Fenit pier last Sunday 16th, to bid farewell to the Jeanie Johnston as she starts her trans-Atlantic voyage. The ship will remain close to the Irish coast for a day or two, until the gales subside, before sailing South for Tenerife. More >>>

Listen to Seascapes (1.27Mb d/load), an Irish national radio programme about the Jeanie, with interviews and songs, recorded at Fenit Sailing Club.

14 February 03 - Jeanie's initial itinerary for the US just released. See column on right and click here for more...

12 February 03 - Final preparations and crew training are being undertaken in Fenit, and the countdown continues towards this Sunday's departure of the Jeanie Johnston on the transatlantic voyage. Last weekend's final chance to see Jeanie brought 1500 visitors to the ship over the two days.

On Sunday 16th, there will be a departure ceremony at Fenit pier beginning at 13.30 with a Recital by the Army Band of the First Southern Command and addresses from Government Ministers and local dignitaries. After an Ecumenical Service and a flag raising ceremony, Captain Tom McCarthy will weigh anchor at 15.15 and Jeanie will bid farewell to Ireland and make her way westward from Tralee Bay, accompanied by a flotilla of small boats and the naval vessel LE Ciara.

3 February 03 - The Jeanie Johnston is on her way home to Fenit, Co. Kerry following a visit to Waterford. Sat 8th and Sun 9th Feb will be the last chance to visit the ship prior to departure for the US and Canada. Jeanie's recent visit to Belfast was a great success, over 3,500 visitors toured the ship during the two-day visit. Interest from visitors to the ship in Dublin, where Jeanie was berthed during December, was also very positive - almost 20,000 people paid to visit the Jeanie Johnston, earning over €65,000 for the project.

Read why Niall O'Dowd of the Irish Voice predicts that Jeanie will become greatest Irish American tourist attraction ever built.

Publication of the ship's eagerly awaited itinerary for the US and Canada is now expected on 14th February, and it is projected that the ship will visit at least 20 ports, from Florida up into Canada. It is hoped that Jeanie will be in New York for the July 4th celebrations. Read the latest bulletin from the project website.

4 January 03 - We wish our subscribers, friends and visitors a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year. We have produced a pictorial calendar for 2003, which is available for free download. The project has a new official website at

Jeanie's last day open to visitors in Dublin is tomorrow, Sun 5th January. The ship is due to sail to Belfast on January 14th and be open to visitors over the weekend of 18th and 19th, from 11am to 5pm. From Belfast, she sails to Waterford on 20th January, and will be open to visitors there from 25th January to February 2nd. Jeanie will then make her way home to Fenit, arriving on February 8th, where she will be open to visitors until February 14th, making final preparations for her long awaited departure for her trans-Atlantic voyage on February 16th.View the admission charges.

12 December 02 - The Jeanie Johnston sailed into Dublin City yesterday, and is now berthed near Jury's Inn, where she will be remain until early January. Jeanie will be open to visitors for guided tours every day during the visit to Dublin, which is hosted by Dublin Docklands Development Authority.
The ship will re-open to visitors in Dublin from 28th December, until 5th January.

Jeanie is expected to arrive in Tenerife on 8th March and berth there until 13th March, when she will sail directly to the US, finally arriving on 15th April 2003. We await confirmation of the first port of call.

Jeanie's new Captain is Tom McCarthy, a native of County Cork, who says he is looking forward very much to the challenges of the voyage and the US tour. Captain McCarthy was Captain of the Asgard II, Ireland's national sail training ship, for 9 years until 1995, and for the past two years has captained the Lord Nelson and Tenacious.

Are you interested in sailing onboard the Jeanie Johnston on one of her voyages, as a sail trainee? View the ship's itinerary with prices listed for the first US voyages in 2003.

The voyage home to Fenit from Cork, June 2002 >>>
    Read the diary of Peter Malone, a crew member aboard the Jeanie Johnston when she sailed home to Fenit from Cork in bad weather last month, often in force 8 gales... More>>>

Prices for the guided tour of the Jeanie Johnston are as follows:
  • 5 euro for adults
  • 2.50 euro for children
  • 15 euro for a family ticket (2 adults and up to 4 children)
  • 4 euro for students and senior citizens
    School and group tours can be arranged on request, please ring 066 7129969 or contact the General Manager.

    24th November 02 - The Jeanie Johnston sailed to Cork earlier this week on a preparatory trip for her anticipated New Year's voyage to the US and Canada and is undergoing mast and rigging adjustments. On leaving Cork, the ship will sail to Dublin and then Belfast for sail training, maintenance and final rigging.

    The High Court is expected to ratify the terms agreed between the Jeanie Johnston Company and its creditors at a sitting on 17th December, and the present Board of Directors will then resign, making way for the new Board to be formed.

    In a separate development, the Department of the Marine, Kerry County Council and Tralee Town Council have jointly commissioned a review of the project. Dublin based consultants have been appointed to conduct the review and they are expected to seek comments and submissions from the public; the review is due to be completed in February 03.

    2nd September 02 news
        The Jeanie Johnston has been open to visitors over the Summer at Fenit pier, County Kerry. Over 500 paying visitors have taken the guided tour of the ship over the weekends, and an average of 150 during week days.
        Following the announcement of the new partnership to be formed to run the project some weeks ago, the Kerry Group and both local Councils have given their approval of the new plan, with the Kerry Group agreeing to invest €200,000, and the Councils a further €190,000. Shannon Development has also agreed to invest €190,000, ensuring that the full potential of the Jeanie Johnston project is realised.

    16th July 2002 news
        Following their special meeting yesterday, Kerry County Council voted overwhelmingly to accept the proposals for a new partnership to be formed to run the Jeanie Johnston company, put forward by the Kerry Group, a corporate entity based in Tralee. The new partnership will see substantial investments into the project by Tralee Town and Kerry County Councils, Shannon Development as well as the Kerry Group. In their proposal, Kerry Group stated that the Jeanie Johnston is part of our country's heritage, and that whilst it is not possible to be definitive on the long term, their proposal is that the Jeanie Johnston re-visit Cork this Summer, then sail to Dublin and Belfast. Their submission added that the 2003 programme should commence at the beginning of the year, involving spending the full year in North America and visiting key centres there.

        Kerry County Council had agreed to fund the project when the ship was in its worst state of crisis some months ago, but could not see how it could continue to support the project, and was about to withdraw, which would have meant liquidating the company. See the Editor's Opinion from last week's edition of our local newspaper, the Kerry's Eye for further insight into the Council's plight. The Kerry Group's proposals now mean the continuation of the project with a new Board of Directors for the Company, and that the Jeanie Johnston should indeed sail to the US next Spring.

        The Jeanie Johnston has returned to the home port of Fenit in Co. Kerry, having spent two very successful months in Cork. Since leaving Kerry on her maiden voyage on April 9th, the ship has been put through rigorous and thorough testing of all her systems and sailing abilities both at sea and in dry dock in Cobh. The ship has passed all the tests and procedures and is now fully Certified.

        After hull testing in dry dock, the Jeanie Johnston sailed into the middle of Cork City and moored at the North Custom House Quay, where she was opened to visitors on weekends for guided tours. Large numbers of visitors went onboard the ship, up to 900 a day on fine days, everybody said they were impressed with the ship, the amount of work which has gone into building her and particularly the attention to detail in her authenticity as a replica famine ship.

        The Lord Mayor visited the ship to welcome her to Cork with a Civic Reception and various groups and companies have expressed an interest in chartering the Jeanie Johnston for corporate and private hospitality functions over the coming months, both at home in Ireland and in other parts of Europe. It is impossible to say at the moment exactly what Jeanie's various roles will be, as the hand over to the Kerry and Tralee Councils has not yet been completed.

        For the month of June to August, Jeanie will be moored at Fenit and open for guided tours of the ship and famine museum every Tuesday to Sunday from 12pm to 5pm. Visitor groups are taken onboard in groups of 20, each with a personal tour guide, and can visit the souvenir shop after viewing the ship and famine museum. You can read an account of a guided tour onboard the Jeanie Johnston taken last Summer.
    Prices are as follows:

  • 5 euro for adults
  • 2.50 euro for children
  • 15 euro for a family ticket (2 adults and up to 4 children)
  • 4 euro for students and senior citizens

  • School and group tours can be arranged on request, please ring 066 7129969 or contact the General Manager.

    9th May 2002 update
       The Jeanie Johnston has undergone hull inspection, joined in the Titanic Memorial and was opened to visitors whilst moored at Cobh Heritage Centre, Cork, over the last Bank Holiday weekend, Sat 4th to Mon 6th May, where over 1,500 people visited the ship...More>>>

    April 9th 2002 news
       Jeanie felt the open water of Tralee Bay for the first time a few days ago as she began her sea trials, and today left Fenit for Cork....More>>>

    March 12th 2002 news
       Tralee Town Council and Kerry Co. Council have recently voted in favour of a rescue package, pledging over a million euro in addition to the funds already given, the plan will eventually see the Councils becoming joint owners of the project. Once Jeanie has been to sea and undertaken her trials, it is hoped that the necessary funding will be found for her Atlantic voyage to the US. The Jeanie Johnston Welcoming Committees across the eastern seaboard in the US have expressed their continued support for the project and the trans-Atlantic voyage.

    Februrary 17th 2002 news
        Mid February 2002 sees Jeanie's future uncertain. Having come so far and achieved the construction of such a beautiful sailing ship (2 weeks' work left to completion and sea trials), the project now has the possibility of being wound down hanging over it. This would mean losing the vision of Jeanie's transatlantic voyage to the US this Summer, mirroring those of famine times and strengthening the bonds of Irish Americans with their ancestors' homeland. It seems that no definite decision on the project's future may be made for some weeks, and much debate is expected by all the interested parties and in the media during these weeks. Work is presently halted on the ship, as it is "under arrest" in an action taken by one of its creditors, using an ancient maritime law, and no work can be undertaken nor can the ship be sailed until the arrest is lifted. Court proceedings are due in the coming week.

        There is a commentary written by the Editor of one of our local newspapers, Kerry's Eye, this week, which sums up the projects's present situation and much local opinion. Read the full text >>>

        When any further news is released or definite decisions made, they will be posted here - you can subscribe to be notified of site updates via email in the box to the right. If you have any constructive comments or useful ideas for helping the project forward, why not post them on our message board.

    October 25th 2001 news
        The genealogical database launched by the Jeanie Johnston Project has just gone live at It contains extensive records of passengers who travelled from Ireland or Liverpool to North America during the 1845-50 period. You can do a free initial search, and then follow up on that with a detailed search for a small charge.

    July 16th 2001 news
        Jeanie was opened to visitors for the first time over the past weekend...More>>>

        Jim Finucane, PRO, said recently "It has been a huge challenge for the shipwrights and people involved to comply with requirements and yet maintain the authenticity of what we have built". No firm dates for the voyage have yet been fixed, but as soon as the schedule is released, it will be posted here - watch this space!

        The Jeanie Johnston has now been completed (May 2002) and she has successfully undertaken her sea trials in Tralee Bay and sailed to Cork for hull checking, final painting etc. Subject to Certifying the ship as seaworthy, the Department of the Marine should give approval for the trans-Atlantic voyage and Jeanie will then be able to make her maiden voyage to the US and Canada when the necessary funding is in place.

        Would you like to volunteer your time to help the Jeanie Johnston project when the ship reaches the US? The project managers are presently seeking volunteers in the various cities Jeanie will visit, to help with the preparation and logistics of the port visits and to bring alive the historical tableaux on board. Volunteers can help in a variety of ways and a variety of skills are required: media, sales and marketing, sponsorship, transportation, flotilla organisers on arrival and departure, actors and those with theatrical experience, entertainment, hospitality, education, port logistics, hosting of crew members, security and attendants etc.

       If you are interested in being part of the Jeanie Johnston experience, please fill out the
    application form. It will be forwarded to the Project Managers who will contact you.

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