Jeanie Johnston Itinerary for the United States and Canada

  • West Palm Beach, Florida
    Arriving, Thursday, April 17th and departing Monday, April 28th

  • Savannah, Georgia
    Arriving Friday, May 2nd and departing Monday, May 12th

  • Charleston, South Carolina
    Arriving Thursday May 15th, departing Monday, May 19th

        Work continues on confirming the Jeanie Johnstonís visits to other ports and, as a broad outline, the ship will leave Charleston and move up along the East Coast taking in the broad Chesapeake area in May, the broad Delaware area in June, the New York / Boston area in July and will visit the area North of Boston and right up into Canada, home of the original Jeanie Johnston, during August and September. The ship will then return home to Ireland in October.

    During her visits the Jeanie Johnston will be open to visitors who will have the opportunity to experience just what it would have been like aboard an Irish emigrant ship, during famine times.

    Are you interested in sailing onboard? There will be sail training opportunities with the possibility of joining the ship between West Palm Beach and Savannah and between Savannah and Charleston. Details will be available soon, please enquire.