Jeanie being built at Blennerville
Built at Blennerville
Jeanie at Fenit pier
Fitted at Fenit Pier
Jeanie's sea trials
Jeanie's Sea Trials
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The Jeanie Johnston Chronicle

Jeanie is inspected in Cork dry dock
and opened to the public in Cobh

8th May, 2002
Jeanie Johnston
Blessing the ship before departure for Cork
Blessing the ship prior to
departure for Cork
During the Jeanie Johnston's recent basin trials in Tralee Bay and 24 hour voyage to Cork dry dock, she underwent a variety of tests involving the operation of the ship such as steering, mechanics, engines, hydraulics, sewage and desalination plants and performance at sea. The ship is being tested to very exacting standards to be certified as a Class 7 cargo vessel able to carry passengers, which is a much higher specification than for a sailing ship. Captain Forwood said that he is delighted with the way the ship handles at sea and that the Jeanie Johnston is "as steady as a rock".

Pic on left - Fr. Gearóid O'Donoghue (pastor and sailor), flanked by Captain MikeForwood and project Chairman Jim Finucane, blessing the crew and the ship beforedeparting from Fenit for Cork
The volunteer crew taking a well earned break in the 'tween deck messhaving raised the sails of the Jeanie Johnston in Cork Harbour. Brendan Dinneen told me "this picture gave me the greatest thrill as it meant that the ship had come aliveand was being used for the purpose for which it was built". The older gentleman sitting in the left-hand corner is an old "Cape Horner", DavidAhern, former Cork Harbour Pilot. Apparently it was a requirement of Cork Harbour in earlier times that, in order to be accepted as pilot, a man had to sail around the world on a square rigbarque - and that is what he did. David rounded the Horn in 1928 and told Brendan Dinneen "I'm impressed with the Jeanie Johnston - and I didn't expect to be". the mess on Jeanie Johnston's tween deck
Relaxing in the 'tween deck mess
on the way from Fenit to Cork
the ship undergoing hull inspection in dry dock
The ship in Cork shipyard dry dock where she has recently undergone hull inspection and final completion works.
Soon after her arrival in Cork, the Jeanie Johnston joined in the laying of a commemorative wreath to mark the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sailing from Cobh on its ill-fated maiden voyage. The Irish national sail training vessel, the Asgard II also took part in the event, and it was the first time the two ships had met at sea. The naval ship the LE Eithne was also present, the Eithne had docked alongside Jeanie at Fenit during the ship's naming ceremony performed by President McAleese during the Summer of 2000.

The Jeanie Johnston has recently undergone hull insection in dry dock at Cork shipyard. I'm told that the hull was cleaner than expected, and that apart from the zinc anodes, the hull is in perfect condition. The chief shipwrights, brothers Ciarán and Peter O'Regan, are happy with the progress on the remaining work. Most of the closing in of panelling and deck heads has been done, and we await news of the ship's full Certification.

another view of the ship in dry dock
Another view of the Jeanie Johnston in dry dock, supported by steel beams which kept her steady
close-up of the hull inspection
Close-up of the hull inspection in progress

The Jeanie Johnston was open to visitors over the last Bank Holiday weekend, 4th to 6th May, 2002, whilst moored at the Heritage Centre at Cobh, Co. Cork. Over 1,500 people visited the ship over the three days, and Jeanie will return to Cobh on Sunday 12th May. There are more pictures of Jeanie Johnston at sea and arriving in Cork on the project website.

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Sea Trials
9th April 02
Voyage to Fenit
June 2002

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