Grave Memorials, Plaques and Perpetual Cancles

Grave Memorials and Perpetual Candles

We specialise in items to help remember and commemorate our relatives and loved ones, carrying a wide range of items including grave memorials and plaques and perpetual candles. November is all souls month, the time when we remember our loved ones who have gone before us. A selection of our grave furniture items includes:
  • battery operated perpetual candles in red or white
  • Memorial Plaques in various shapes for parents, grandparents and all relatives
  • Memorial Plaques in various shapes for friends or blank
  • Grave memorials with lights

Click on images below for larger view

Grave Memorials for family, relatives and friends
Plaques and Memorials for Relatives
Perpetual Candles battery-operated for graves
Perpetual Candles

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