Fortnite figures caps and accessories

Fortnite figures, caps, beanies and teeshirts

Calling all Fortnite fans! We now have Fortnite figures in stock – all your favourite characters. From single figures up to 8 figure packs, all with weapon accessory. 

Keep warm this winter with Fortnite baseball caps or Beanie caps. Tee-shirt and long shorts/pyjamas sets in ages 3-10 years too!

Fortnite stock range includes:

  • Single figure with weapon
  • 2-pack figures with weapons
  • 4-pack figures with weapons
  • 6-pack figures with weapons
  • 8-pack figures with weapons
    Baseball caps in assorted colours
  • Beanie caps in assorted colours
  • Tee-shirt and long shorts sets ages 3-10 years (can be used as pajamas too!)

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